What makes a home office perfect?

The work desk or an home office, for many people, is the place where most important tasks get done. It is a place where we wish to be at our best. A place that inspires to work relentlessly on the project we are hoping to get done. A workplace needs to be inspiring, comfortable and yet highly functional.


The first and foremost thing is to get a desk that is the perfect size for your work type. The desk size needs to just right to give enough space for all the gadgets and stationery that is mandatory and needs to leave room for you to actually work on. It cannot be oversized to restrict the room space. Another aspect to consider is to select a colour that suits the work and will also match or contrast the interior of the rest of the room.


Next, is to select a chair that fits your seating comfort and accounts for the number of hours you will probably sit in daily. A chair’s comfort level can also be judged by the backrest and armrests. Also to the padding to some extent. The chair colour can complement or contrast with the selected desk.


Another great option is to have a fold away wall desk, that comes complete with storage to place the books, files and all the important papers and meeting notes and a desk that can be opened when needed and folded away when not in use. This is an excellent way to make the most of space.


Next, it is time to put all the files, pens, and other clutter in a proper storage. Yes, it is important to get the storage desk that fits underneath or atop the desk and holds all your important and not so important things securely.


This ensemble can then be completed by adding a piece or two of artwork or holders that you can personalise it with. It is also a nice idea to add a frame that depicts something that motivates you daily, it can be a family picture or your favourite motivational quote.


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