Browse our selection of top-quality appliances today and take the first step towards a more comfortable and efficient home! HR Sports understand that convenience and efficiency are key when it comes to home appliances. We offer a wide range of high-quality appliances to fit any budget, without compromising on performance or style. Upgrade your home with our top-quality appliances today!

2L Dehumidifier Air Purify
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4.6KG Mini Portable Washing Machine
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400ml 4 in 1 Aroma Diffuser with remote control
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52'' Ceiling Fan w/Light w/Remote Timer
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52'' Ceiling Fan w/Remote
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Bar Fridge

Bar Fridge

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Black Lassen Cast Iron Fire Pit
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Corded Handheld Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
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Cordless 150W Handstick Vacuum Cleaner
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Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
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Electric Infrared Strip Heater Radiant Heaters Reamote control
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Spectacular Range of Aussie Appliances - Experience the Future of Home Living!

Australian-Owned and Operated, we bring you the most innovative and reliable online appliances to revolutionize your everyday life. Our collection of top-notch, energy-efficient products is designed to cater to your unique needs while adding a touch of style and sophistication to your home.

Discover our wide array of cutting-edge kitchen appliances, from super-smart fridges that keep your groceries fresher for longer, to our ultra-responsive cooktops that ensure perfectly cooked meals every time. Say goodbye to tedious meal prep and hello to culinary adventures!

Explore our exceptional range of laundry solutions, with state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers that combine powerful performance with eco-friendly technology. From quick washes to deep cleaning, your clothes will look and feel better than ever before.

Transform your home environment with our advanced air purifiers, heaters, and air conditioners that seamlessly blend into any space. Enjoy clean, fresh air and optimal temperatures all year round, for a healthy and comfortable living experience.

Our high-quality online appliances are backed by unbeatable warranties, exceptional customer service, and fast nationwide delivery. Plus, our secure payment options and easy returns policy ensure a hassle-free shopping experience from start to finish.

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your home with our impressive selection of Aussie Appliances, and experience the future of home living today! 

Types of Home Appliances

Elevate your home living experience with our wide selection of top-quality appliances, carefully curated to meet your unique needs and preferences. From keeping your home clean and fresh to simplifying your chores and entertaining friends and family, our diverse range of products is designed to make your life more convenient and enjoyable. Let's dive into the different types of appliances available in our store:


Infuse your home with soothing fragrances and create a relaxing atmosphere with our premium range of essential oil diffusers. Choose from a variety of elegant designs and innovative features, including timer settings, adjustable mist outputs, and color-changing LED lights. Enhance your mood, reduce stress, and promote better sleep with the perfect diffuser for your space.

Vacuum Cleaners:

Maintain a spotless home with our high-performance vacuum cleaners, designed to tackle all surfaces, from carpets to hardwood floors. Discover the convenience of cordless stick vacuums, the power of upright vacuums, and the versatility of handheld models. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and HEPA filtration systems, our vacuum cleaners ensure a dust-free and allergen-free environment for you and your loved ones.

Fridges & Freezers:

Upgrade your kitchen with our advanced fridges and freezers, featuring energy-efficient technology and sleek designs. Find the perfect size and style, from compact mini-fridges to spacious side-by-side models, complete with innovative features like adjustable shelves, humidity-controlled drawers, and smart temperature controls. Keep your groceries fresher for longer and enjoy perfectly chilled beverages and ice on demand.

Washing Machines & Dryers:

Simplify your laundry routine with our top-of-the-line washing machines and dryers, designed to provide powerful cleaning and drying performance while conserving energy and water. Choose from a wide selection of front-loading and top-loading models, boasting innovative features like quick wash cycles, steam cleaning, and delicate fabric care. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to fresh, clean clothes every time.


Save time and effort with our efficient and user-friendly dishwashers, engineered to deliver spotless dishes with minimal water and energy consumption. Browse our collection of built-in, freestanding, and compact models, complete with customizable wash programs, adjustable racks, and noise-reducing technology. Enjoy sparkling clean dishes and more time for the things you love.

Air Conditioners:

Stay cool and comfortable all summer long with our versatile range of portable air conditioners, featuring options for every room size and budget. Choose from window units, portable models, and energy-saving inverter systems, all designed to provide optimal cooling performance and air circulation. Beat the heat with our reliable and user-friendly window air conditioners.


Warm up your home during the chilly months with our selection of high-quality heaters, designed to provide efficient and cozy heating solutions for every space. Discover our range of electric, gas, and wood-fired heaters, including convection, radiant, and fan-assisted models. Stay toasty and comfortable all winter long with the perfect heater for your home.


Create a healthier, more comfortable living environment with our top-of-the-range dehumidifiers, designed to reduce excess moisture, prevent mold growth, and alleviate allergy symptoms. Choose from a variety of sizes and capacities, featuring digital controls, energy-saving modes, and built-in air filters. Breathe easier and enjoy a fresher, drier home with our powerful dehumidifiers.

BBQs & Fire Pits:

Entertain friends and family in style with our premium range of BBQs and fire pits, perfect for outdoor cooking and cozy gatherings. Discover a variety of options, including gas, charcoal, and electric BBQs, as well as portable and built-in models to suit your outdoor space. For those cooler evenings, our collection of fire pits offers a warm, inviting ambiance for socializing and relaxation. Transform your outdoor living area into the ultimate entertainment zone with our exceptional BBQs and fire pits.

Water Dispensers:

Stay hydrated and enjoy the convenience of instant hot or cold water with our selection of high-quality water dispensers. Choose from countertop or freestanding models, designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen or office space. Our water dispensers feature advanced filtration systems, ensuring clean, fresh-tasting water at your fingertips. Simplify your life and encourage healthy habits with a water dispenser that suits your needs.

How do I choose the right appliance for my home?

To select the right online appliance for your home, consider factors like available space, budget, energy efficiency, and personal preferences. Read product descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews to ensure you make an informed decision. Additionally, you can reach out to our customer support team for personalized guidance on choosing the perfect appliance for your needs.

How do I maintain and clean my appliances?

Proper maintenance and cleaning of online appliances can prolong their lifespan and ensure optimal performance. Consult the user manual for specific care instructions, as each appliance may have unique requirements. Generally, clean appliances regularly with appropriate cleaning solutions, replace filters as needed, and inspect for signs of wear or damage.

Are energy-efficient appliances worth the investment?

Yes, energy-efficient appliances can significantly reduce your energy consumption and save you money on utility bills in the long run. Additionally, they contribute to a greener environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Look for appliances with Energy Star ratings or other energy-saving certifications to ensure you're investing in a sustainable and cost-effective product.

How can I determine the right size of an appliance for my home?

To choose the right size of an appliance, measure the available space in your home where you plan to install the appliance, taking note of height, width, and depth. Compare these dimensions to the specifications of the appliance you are interested in to ensure it will fit comfortably. Also, consider the online appliance's capacity and how it aligns with your household's needs. For example, a larger family may require a bigger fridge or washing machine to accommodate their daily requirements.

How do I dispose of my old appliances responsibly?

Proper disposal of old appliances is crucial for environmental sustainability. Many communities offer recycling programs for appliances, where you can drop off your old items at designated recycling centers. Alternatively, some retailers or manufacturers provide take-back programs, where they collect and recycle old appliances when you purchase a new one. Always check your local regulations and recycling options before disposing of an old appliance. 

Why HR-Sports for Home Appliances?

At our Australian e-commerce store, we're committed to providing you with the best home appliance shopping experience possible. We understand the importance of finding the right products at the right prices, backed by exceptional service and support. Here's why you should choose us for all your home appliance needs:

Affordable Prices:

We believe in offering top-quality appliances at prices that won't break the bank. By partnering with leading brands and manufacturers, we're able to provide a wide selection of products at competitive prices. We constantly monitor the market to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and pass the savings on to you. Shop with confidence, knowing you're getting the best value for your money.


We stand behind the quality of our products, and that's why we offer unbeatable warranties on all appliances in our store. Our warranties not only cover manufacturing defects but also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you're investing in durable and reliable products. With our warranties, you can trust that your purchase is protected and we'll be there to support you in case of any issues.

Easy Returns:

We understand that sometimes things don't work out as planned, which is why we offer a hassle-free returns policy. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item in its original condition within the specified return period for a full refund or exchange. Our dedicated customer service team will guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Buy Now Pay Later Options:

We believe that everyone should have access to the best home appliances, regardless of their budget. That's why we offer flexible Buy Now Pay Later options, allowing you to purchase the products you need and spread the cost over a series of manageable payments. With no interest and minimal fees, it's never been easier to upgrade your home and enjoy the benefits of our fantastic online appliances.

Speedy Delivery:

We know that when you find the perfect appliance, you want it in your home as soon as possible. Our fast and reliable delivery service ensures that your order will be dispatched promptly and arrive at your doorstep in no time. With nationwide coverage and a range of shipping options, we're dedicated to getting your new online appliances to you quickly and securely.

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