Barbell with Plates Set 60 kg
50% OFF RRP $527.99
20kg Standard Rubber Coloured Barbell
44% OFF RRP $329.95
40kg Curl Bar 25mm Standard Weight Set
46% OFF RRP $369.00
40kg EnduraCast Curl Bar Weight Set
48% OFF RRP $259.00
40kg EnduraCast Tri Bar Weight Set
34% OFF RRP $219.00
40kg Tri Bar 25mm Standard Weight Set
37% OFF RRP $329.00
40kg Tri Bar 50mm Olympic Weight Set
35% OFF RRP $409.00
40kg Tri-Grip 50mm Olympic Curl Bar Set
44% OFF RRP $459.00
65kg EnduraCast Barbell Weight Set
50% OFF RRP $419.00
65kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Barbell Weight Set
48% OFF RRP $599.00
85kg EnduraShell Barbell & Dumbbell Weight Set
46% OFF RRP $539.00
90kg EnduraCast Barbell Weight Set
44% OFF RRP $589.00
90kg EnduraCast Barbell Weight Set with Weight Tree
38% OFF RRP $679.00
CORTEX 3m x 2m 50mm Weightlifting Platform Frame Only
32% OFF RRP $429.00
Curl Barbell with Plates

Curl Barbell with Plates

From $145.99

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RRP $334.99
Pump/Studio Barbell Weight Set 30kg
50% OFF RRP $309.00
Studio Barbell Set with Weights
47% OFF RRP $219.00
Weight Set Barbell Dumbell Dumb Bell Gym 50kg Plate
35% OFF RRP $659.95
170kg Black Series Bumper Plate Set

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Barbell sets are popular fitness equipment for weightlifting and strength training. They consist of a long metal bar with removable weight plates that can be added or removed to adjust the total weight of the barbell. Barbell sets are available in a variety of weights and designs, including Olympic-style barbells, standard barbells, and curl bars. HR Sports offers bumper plates set at an affordable price in Australia. Shop now at our online fitness store with up to 50% OFF. Buy today and pay later. 

Using a barbell set is a great way to build muscle mass and increase overall strength. It allows for a wide range of exercises that target different muscle groups, including squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and more. Barbell sets are also a versatile and cost-effective option for those looking to create a home gym.

A barbell set is versatile and effective fitness equipment for strength training and weightlifting. With the right set and proper technique, you can build muscle mass, increase strength, and achieve your fitness goals. Buy online weight sets with Afterpay, Zippay, and PayPal.