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26 Piece Kids Umbrella & Table Set
33% OFF RRP $149.95
Kids Picnic Table with Parasol 79x90x60 cm Solid Acacia Wood
50% OFF RRP $440.99
Kids' Picnic Table with Benches and Parasol Multicolour
50% OFF RRP $301.99
Kids' Picnic Table with Benches and Parasol Multicolour Wood
50% OFF RRP $284.99
Sand & Water Wooden Picnic Table
38% OFF RRP $359.95
Sand & Water Wooden Picnic Table
41% OFF RRP $409.95
LK45 Sunset Picnic Table with Umbrella and Cushions
25% OFF RRP $199.00

Outdoor Picnic Table For Your Children With an Umbrella - HR Sports

We have a wide collection of kid's outdoor picnic tables at an affordable prices in Australia. Buy a high-quality wooden child picnic bench set with an umbrella. Shop now with afterpay. We offer fast delivery of small to big-size kid's picnic tables to Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. The renovation of a picnic table and an outdoor dining area is an excellent way to improve the facilities of your site. Access to outdoor dining establishments is becoming increasingly widespread. It is significantly less expensive to implement than renovating indoor spaces. It has a number of significant benefits for office culture and productivity. 

Wooden Picnic Bench Set At An Affordable Price

Available the best price of children's wooden picnic bench set and outdoor picnic table with umbrella. Buy now with afterpay. HR Sports offers different kid's toys such as wooden toys, puzzles, and play set accessories.

Here is a list of baby and kid products:

Why a picnic table is beneficial?

There are numerous advantages to be gained from selecting compact furniture that is intended for use by children.

  • A lot of the time, this is an excellent approach to helping kids feel a bit more independent.
  • You can leave them seated at the kids & baby picnic table without being concerned that they will fall to a dangerously high level and damage themselves.
  • These sorts of picnic tables have been created so that children can feel safe and comfortable, while also ensuring that their parents are satisfied with the design of their picnic table.

It is designed for children can keep their feet on the ground or the grass while sitting on a baby & kids picnic table.

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If you're looking for a picnic table for sale, buy a picnic table, and visit HR Sports. This furniture can accommodate up to six young people, who can use it to work effectively in the garden or around the house. Whatever you decide to get, make sure to browse around online to see what is available and whether you can find a good deal from our best store.