Dirt Bikes

A dirt bike, also known as a dirt motorcycle, is a lightweight motorcycle designed to be ridden off-road. There are several different types of dirt bikes, each designed for a specific type of off-road riding. They are lightweight, powerful, and agile, allowing you to explore the wilderness in a way that few other vehicles can match. Buy an online dirt bike from HR Sports. Shop now 125cc Dirt Bike, 70CC Dirt Bike, 50CC Dirt Bike, and Electric Dirt Bike for your kids. 

Dirt Bikes For Sale in Australia - HR Sports

Hr Sport offers different models of dirt bikes at cheap prices. We are selling high-quality GMX motorbikes with afterpay option. Buy of dirt bike now at our online store Hr Sports. Fast delivery in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. A special type of motorcycle designed with wide tires for traveling over rough ground, unsurfaced and paved roads. This bike is most often used for racing and scrambling.

The dirtbike is also known as a dual-purpose or on/off-road motorcycle. They are legal machines that are also designed to enter off-road situations. These dirt bikes have lights, mirrors, signals, and equipment that are to be licensed for public roads.

GMX Dirt bikes offer challenges or thrills while speeding through snowy mountains and rugged terrain, gliding through the air, or edging past a competitor on the track.

Benefits Of Dirt Bikes Or Motorbikes:

Our electric dirt bikes for sale are lightweight and they can be well-handled on various surfaces of tracks like dirt, mud, and sand. We have a variety of GMX 125cc dirt bikes at affordable prices in Australia. 

Freedom: A dirtbike is great because in most cases the speed is no longer limited by law. This creates a chance to continue improving your skills. Also, you can experience fun and fulfillment when you find new terrain and chart new routes.

Mental benefits: Riding a dirtbike is a stress reliever because it allows visually reference objects as you are moving, feel what the bike is doing, and coordinate hand or foot movements with accelerating tasks. This will optimize the brain capacity in huge amounts.

Physical benefits: Driving a dirtbike helps to build strength, balance, and endurance. While riding through a challenging terrain your heart gets pumping. When you ride regularly you may notice improvements in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and parts of your arms.

Improved learning skills: From those first few rides, you start to understand how the bike works, various maintenance levels, and more about sports and racing. The best part is that most skills learned over everyday life can be used for personal and professional lives.

Things to know while buying a dirt bike

Experience level: Size plays an important role but the experience level must be known before purchasing a dirt bike.

Height: You should consider your height if you want a high level of safety while driving a dirt bike. You should feel comfortable while sitting and extending, your feet should touch the ground so that you can have better control while starting and stopping.

Weight: Based on how much you weigh, you may go on different suspensions. Those weighing less than 150 lbs can select a bike under 250 cc. For the larger weight, you should go for a bike in the range of 250 to 450 cc.

Two strokes or four strokes: The air-cooled two-stroke bike requires a lot less maintenance and they are cheaper to rebuild. It is a lightweight bike with a less initial cost.

Four-stroke models are great for beginners and leisure riders. The engines have a longer lifespan but they require more maintenance.

Electric start: You may choose the bike with an electric start option. It is useful when the kick-start doesn’t fail to work.  

Design: Dirt bikes are professionally designed to fit flawlessly on any surface of the tracks.

Budget: There are various models available in dirtbikes for sale in the market. First, choose a model, then wisely choose the product that matches your budget.

Warranty: Opt to buy a dirt bike that comes with a long-term warranty. So that it can be replaced when there are any defects.

HR Sports are one of the prominent online shopping sites in Australia. Go through our online portal and select the 125cc dirt bike after paying for the product. Free shipping is available for certain brands of bikes.

How to choose the right dirtbike?

Everyone has a different budget and different ideas about what kind of riding they want to do. Looking at the different types of dirtbikes and choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task.

Best Types Of Dirt Bike Racing

Various popular types of dirtbikes and the type of rider they are best suited for.

  • Trail Dirt Bike - Lightweight Dirt Bike
  • Dual Sport Bike - Street Bikes
  • Enduro Bike - High-Performance Dirt Bike
  • Motocross Dirt Bike - Off-Road Racing
  • Adventure Bike - Long-Distance Street Rides
  • Trails Bike - Special Competitions 
  • Child Dirt Bike - Ride Dirt Bikes With Proper Safety Precautions And Training
  • Electric Dirt Bike - Lower Fuel Costs and Low Maintenance Costs