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Looking for chicken fences for netting your poultry? If yes, HR has the best collection of afterpay fencing ideal for non-flying birds, chickens, and rabbits. 

A chicken wire is also known as poultry netting. It is a mesh of wire used to fence chickens. It is made up of thin, flexible, galvanized steel wire with one, two sized hexagonal gaps. Chicken wire should never be used on coop vents, openings or windows. chicken wings are made up of a metal lath that holds cement and plaster which is a process known as stuccoing. Mostly these chicken wires are used as fencing equipment in your garden area keeping the pests away from your plants. These chicken wires are not only best to be used as fences but also to make chicken cages. chicken wirings are used for fencing and housing poultry such as chickens, other livestock and small crops. chicken wiring is also a great fencing option for your garden, as it will keep away rabbits, deer and chickens, as well as cats from your property.


These chicken wire and afterpay fencing are made of galvanized steel making them strong and firm. The wires are very soft. It is best to pull it with your hands for the installation. Welded Galvanized steel chicken wiring is the perfect choice for the longevity of your chicken run or poultry fencing, as they are a strong material.

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