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Aluminium Greenhouse 180x50x50 cm Green House Polycarbonate Garden
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Garden Greens 1.8m x 2m Hydroponic Grow Tent Sturdy Reflective Oxford Fabric
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Garden Greens Greenhouse Walk-In Shed 3 Tier Solid Structure & Quality 1.95m
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Garden Greens Grow Tent Kits 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m Hydroponics Indoor Grow System
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Greenhouse Aluminium Large Green House Garden Shed 6X2.4M
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Greenhouse Garden Shed Tunnel Plant Green House Storage Plant Lawn
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Greenhouse Green House Tunnel 2MX1.55M Garden Shed Storage Plant
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Home Ready Apex 3.5x2x2M Garden Greenhouse Walk-In Shed PE
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Mini Greenhouse Garden Shed Green House Tunnel Plant Flower Storage
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Mini Greenhouse Garden Shed Green House Tunnel Plant Storage Flower 189cm
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Set of 2 LED Grow Light Kit Hydroponic System 2000W Full Spectrum Indoor
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3-Tier Mini Greenhouse 69x49x125 cm
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Greenhouse 3 Door
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Greenhouse Aluminium 240x211x232 cm
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Best Mini Greenhouse - Online Green House


Various types and sizes of greenhouses for the backyard. Hr sports offer the best online mini greenhouse at a low price in Australia. If you are looking for a small to large sizes greenhouse for your garden, visit our online store. We have listened to you. Small Greenhouse is great for your garden because it will allow you to grow plants all year round. It may look like an extra investment for the garden initially, but this investment will certainly be worth it in the longer run. You will be able to grow all types of fruits and vegetables in the shade house during the entire year.


A Wide Variety of Plants can be Grown


It creates an extra protected environment where the plants can be grown under the glass. It allows a wide variety of plants to be grown in the mini Greenhouse, and you can also extend the growing season greatly. Just adding a grow tent in the garden enables you to grow all types of vegetables and fruits in a controlled environment. The fruits and vegetables that you enjoy during winters can also be grown during winters in it, and you can enjoy them during summers as well. 


Best Quality of Green Houses


Every product that is made by HR Sports is made with focusing on quality. The quality of our products is our priority. Our shade house is made tough so that it can withstand all weather conditions. It will have to stay strong during rain, winds as well as extremely high temperatures. Therefore, we have the best quality mini-greenhouse available for you to make use of it without worrying about our products' quality. 


Space-saving and Convenience of Usage 


A mini greenhouse is great if there is less space available to fit a larger and permanent greenhouse structure. You can easily grow many plants in one shade house as it has many shelves. The shelves will allow you to grow more plants by using less space within a protected environment.  The mini Greenhouse comes in handy when a microclimate has to be created by you for specific types of plants. 


Different Types of Greenhouse 


Mini Greenhouse garden shed, and garden guards are available that can be bought for your garden. These are available in different types of materials that including aluminum, wood, etc. They are portable for your convenience. grow tents can have a zipper as well that you can open and close whenever you want. The shelves are also built-in so that you use them for growing more plants in less area. There are many types available that you can choose from on our website

You will select the one that is the best for your garden according to the space that you have. Moreover, you can choose the types of plants that you have to grow in it, and the type can also be selected based on the types of plants that have to be grown. 


Grow Lights For Plant Growth - Shed House


Besides the shade house, grow lights are available for you. You can buy these grow lights so that your plants can grow easily under controlled conditions. These grow lights are installed in the Greenhouse so that the plants can do photosynthesis to stimulate plants growth. No matter the light conditions of the outside environment, these lights can emit the light appropriate for the plants and be added to include extra light. The light spectrum of these grow lights is the same as the sun.


Shipping and Warranty 


HR sports provide a shipping service for you for their products. It allows you to get the products that you ordered at your doorstep. After you place an order, it will take a day or two for the order to be dispatched so that it reaches you. You can shop from the comfort of your home and get what you want outside your home. HR Sports mostly offer a 12-month warranty for the products, but it may vary from product to product. There are a few products that have a warranty of 3 months as well. So, it is great to look at the product's warranty that you are buying to save yourself from confusion later on. 


Payment Methods 


After buying an online greenhouse, you can use a few payment methods for paying for the products. You can use afterpay and zipPay to make the payment. Both these payment methods will allow you to buy the product today and pay for it later. This makes the purchase very easy for you.