10 inch Heavy-Duty Solid Tyre Jockey Wheel
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10 inch Trailer Boat Jockey Wheel
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Swing Jockey Wheel for Trailer Boat Caravan Camper Jack
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6" Trailer Jockey Wheel Swivel Swing Up 450kg 1000lbs Solid Tyre Caravan Boat
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Aluminium Motorised Jockey Wheel Trailer Mover 12 V 350 W
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Mounting bracket and lock for Gen2 Jockey Wheel
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2 Support Tubes with 2 Split Clamps for 48 mm Jockey Wheel
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48 mm Jockey Wheel with 1 Split Clamp
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48 mm Jockey Wheel with 2 Support Tubes & 3 Split Clamps
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60 mm Heavy-duty Folding Jockey Wheel
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Trailer Jockey Wheel with 2 Pneumatic Tyres 200 kg
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Best Jockey Wheels For Trailer - HR Sports

We have various types and sizes of jockey wheels available for trailers. Hr sports offers the best electric and motorized jockey wheels in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra. Buy an online heavy-duty electric jockey wheel with Afterpay, Zipay, and PayPal. If properly maintained and serviced, it will provide years of trouble-free service. While motorized jockey wheels are prone to damage, this is typically avoidable with a little care or, in the case of your fleet's operatives, some rudimentary instruction.

A trailer jockey wheel is a basic mechanical device used to raise and lower. The coupling heads off and on the tow ball and stabilizes the front of the trailer while it is being towed or untoward. To accomplish this, motorized jockey wheels are designed to support the trailer's maximum nose weight comfortably. Thus, you should check that the jockey wheel installed is suitable for the trailer's dimensions, gross weight, and claimed nose weight.

Heavy-Duty Electric Jockey Wheels 

We have a wide range of heavy-duty electric jockey wheels for caravans. Wheel's winding movement should be smooth and effortless for the best camping experience. This will make it easier for you and other operators to wind the trailer jockey wheel. A handle that is ergonomically built may assist, and the electric jockey wheel has one.

Ascertain that the jockey wheel's outer tube is not damaged as a part of the camping gear. Occasionally, the tube may be damaged by the clamp's locking handle (which may be a separate electric jockey wheel clamp or may be included in the cast housing of the overrun coupling).

Shop Online Motorised Jockey Wheel At An Affordable Price

You can buy online motorized jockey wheels at HR-Sports. Ascertain that the locking handle thread does not contact the motorized jockey wheel tube directly and that a pad is positioned between the locking handle and the tube. When tightening the handle of this camping gear and locking the electric jockey wheel in place, the pad distributes the force and protects the outer tube from damage for a good camping experience only at HR Sports.