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Dancing Pole- A New Trend to Body Fitness

Pole dance is a type of acrobatics and dance that is performed on a tall pole. This performance art form is performed not only as erotic dance in gent's clubs, but also as a common form of exercise in gyms and specialized dance studios. Pole dancing is a great way to get a full-body workout. 

It combines strength exercise and cardio, and it also improves flexibility. Pole dancers do acrobatic tricks by suspending or propelling their weight around a metal pole. Trying to climb a pole is an extraordinary feat of strength in and of itself. Most pole dancers say they've never felt much better before.

Benefits of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing provides full-body exercise. The moves are complex and engage several muscles at once, even at the beginner stage. It's no surprise that so many training programs are enthusiastic about it. Each of us was born with a complete range of movement in our joints, but if we don't use it on a daily basis, it will be lost. 


As a result, our joints can become rigid and our range of motion may be restricted. The excellent thing is that you can regain stability in your joints by conditioning them, and it is an excellent way to do so.


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The dance pole is simple to erect and dismantle, requires no ceiling unit, and comes with an integrated operation. Hr Sports offer various types of fitness equipment at a cheap price in Australia. Below list of home gym equipment:




It's simple to store and save space. Steel pipe dancing pole of high quality, with a solid and robust steel frame and a chromium-plated anti-rust finish. Beginners experienced dancers, and pole fitness enthusiasts will enjoy this stripper pole. It may be used for physical activity at home, in a club, bar, or gym, or as a photography tool.