Floating Bedside Table

Discover a wide selection of floating bedside tables at affordable prices in Australia. Choose from versatile designs, enjoy functionality, and enhance your bedroom decor.

Angus Wall-mounted Bedside Cabinet
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RRP $104.99

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Arbutus Wall-mounted Bedside Cabinets 2 pcs 40x29.5x22 cm
40% OFF RRP $174.99

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Bedside Cabinets with Glass Doors 2 pcs White 35x37x35 cm
50% OFF RRP $240.95

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Hereford Wall-mounted Bedside Cabinets 2 pcs 50x36x40 cm
40% OFF RRP $286.99

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Waipahu Wall Cabinets 2 pcs 31.5x30x30 cm Solid Wood Pine
40% OFF RRP $168.99

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Cibolo Bedside Tables Drawers Wall Mounted Cabinet Floating Nightstand Bedroom
26% OFF RRP $72.99

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Dollis Floating Nightstand White and Sonoma Oak 40x31x27 cm Chipboard
40% OFF RRP $85.99

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Floating Nightstand High Gloss White 40x30x15 cm Engineered Wood
50% OFF RRP $124.95

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Floating Nightstand White 40x30x15cm Engineered Wood
50% OFF RRP $133.95

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Floating Nightstands 2 pcs High Gloss White 40x30x15 cm Engineered Wood
50% OFF RRP $170.95

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Floating Nightstands 2 pcs White 40x30x15cm Engineered Wood
50% OFF RRP $198.95

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Buy Floating Bedside Table with Drawer - HR Sports

Find the perfect floating bedside table with a drawer. HR Sports offers an exquisite collection of small to large bedside tables with drawers in Australia. With our affordable prices and convenient after-pay option, you can easily buy the best nightstands to complement your bedroom. Our floating bedside tables, available in various colors like black and white, elevate the ambiance of your personal space.

Our nightstand tables are designed to maximize space, making them an ideal choice for compact bedrooms or those looking to create a minimalist aesthetic. With their sleek and floating design, these bedside tables provide a modern touch that instantly elevates the overall ambiance of your bedroom.

Convenient Storage Solution - Nightstands & Drawers

A floating bedside table is an essential piece of furniture that completes the look and functionality of your bedroom. Our nightstands come with a spacious drawer, providing a compact storage solution for small items such as medications, glasses, phones, cables, chargers, and more. You can conveniently organize and access these everyday essentials, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

Seamlessly Blend with Bedroom Design

When it comes to bedroom design, our floating bedside tables are a perfect choice. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom decor. Young homeowners, in particular, appreciate the practicality and aesthetic appeal of these tables. By incorporating a floating bedside table, you can achieve a cohesive and stylish look while enjoying the numerous advantages it offers.

Versatile Surface for Everyday Needs

Bedrooms are no longer limited to being just sleeping quarters. They have transformed into multi-functional spaces where you read, chat with friends and family, or even work on important presentations. Our floating bedside tables provide a useful surface to accommodate your various needs. Whether you require a space to place your favorite trinkets or sturdy support for your laptop, these wooden bedside tables have got you covered.

Easy Assembly and Portability - Floating Bedside Table

Setting up our floating bedside tables is a breeze. With a simple construction process, you can have your table ready in just a few minutes, without the need for any tools. The moveable hanger support allows for easy storage when the table is not in use or during home transfers. Additionally, these tables feature built-in charging capabilities, ensuring convenient access to power for your phone and laptop.

Floating Bedside Table With Customizable Size Options

The size of your bedside table should be carefully considered to ensure it fits harmoniously with the available space near your bed. Typically, the height of the bedside table aligns with that of the mattress. For smaller bedrooms, opting for a compact-sized bedside table is a wise choice. HR Sports offer a range of sizing options, allowing you to select the perfect bedside table that suits your requirements.

Exquisite and Durable Floating Bedside Tables

In addition to their functionality, our floating bedside tables are crafted to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. With a variety of styles and variations available, you can find a design that seamlessly blends with your existing decor. These tables are not only visually appealing but also built to last, ensuring you enjoy their beauty for years to come.

Shop Bedside Tables At Affordable Price In Australia

We offer a wide selection of high-quality furniture and room items at special discounted prices. Browse through our collection today and create a stunning and functional bedroom space that reflects your personal style. Choose from a range of materials, including durable wood, sleek metal, or a combination of both, to find a bedside table that aligns with your vision. With various sizes and shapes available, you can effortlessly find the ideal piece to fit your space. We have a wide selection of bedside tables at affordable prices in Australia. Shop now at HR Sports and transform your bedroom space. Buy now and pay later options are available at our online furniture store. Shop with Afterpay, Zippay, and PayPal. 

What are floating bedside tables?

Floating bedside tables are wall-mounted furniture pieces designed to provide a convenient and space-saving solution for keeping essential items close to your bed. They are mounted directly onto the wall, eliminating the need for legs or a traditional base.

How do floating bedside tables differ from regular nightstands?

Floating bedside tables differ from regular nightstands in that they are attached to the wall rather than standing on the floor. This unique design creates a floating effect and allows for more floor space in your bedroom. They are often sleek, and minimalist, and can be customized to fit your desired aesthetic.

Are floating bedside tables easy to install?

Yes, floating bedside tables are generally easy to install. They come with mounting hardware and detailed instructions to guide you through the installation process. However, it is recommended to have basic DIY skills and use appropriate tools for wall mounting.

Can floating bedside tables support heavy items?

The weight capacity of floating bedside tables can vary depending on the design and materials used. It is important to check the specifications provided by the manufacturer before placing heavy items on the table. Generally, they are designed to support essential bedside items such as books, a lamp, a glass of water, or a small alarm clock.