Bird Cages & Stands

140 cm Large Bird Cage Parrot Budgie Aviary With Stand
41% OFF RRP $349.95
148 cm Pet Bird Cage Parrot Budgie Canary Aviary
37% OFF RRP $189.95
174 cm Bird Cage Small Bird Parrot Budgie Aviary With Stand
39% OFF RRP $379.95
180 Cm Parrot Cat Ferret Hamster Rat Bird Aviary Cage
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180cm Large Bird Cage Pet Parrot Aviary
32% OFF RRP $589.95
185cm XXL Corner Bird Cage Pet Parrot Aviary  Perch Castor Wheel
41% OFF RRP $1,099.95
Paw Mate 137cm Bird Cage Parrot Aviary Melody
39% OFF RRP $328.95
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Paw Mate Bird Cage Hanger Stand Parrot Aviary Solo 160cm
17% OFF RRP $68.95
Paw Mate Bird Cage Parrot Aviary Veer 2IN1 Design 92cm
44% OFF RRP $128.95

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You can be sure of the fact that the pet products available at HR sports are made with extra care and focus. Our bird aviary is strong and durable which will surely benefit you in the longer run. We want you to have a permanent home for your birds so know that the investment that you will make will never disappoint you. Our study and durable bird cage will have your birds dancing in joy as soon as they go into their new house. 

Secured bird cage 

The bird cages at HR sports are made of material that is not toxic for your birds. All the bird cages also have secured locks to make sure that the bird cannot fly away even when you keep them in the open. It also has bowls where you can put water and food for your birds.  

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