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Adjustable Gymnastics Bars - Folding Balance Beam

We have various types of gymnastics bars at low prices in Australia. Hr Sports offers a folding balance beam for kids and adults. Buy online fitness equipment with Afterpay. The balance beam is a rectangular artistic gymnastics apparatus, as well as the event performed on it. Both the apparatus and the event are sometimes referred to simply as "beams." The beam is a small, thin beam that is typically raised from the floor on both ends by a leg or stand. The one narrow wooden beam is supported in a horizontal position about four feet above the floor and used for gymnastics balancing feats. A gymnastics bar competition event that involves the use of the balance beam.

A balance beam jump requires many of the same skills as a leap, but gymnasts must start and land on two feet. Leaps and jumps are frequently performed in succession to increase a gymnast's beam difficulty rating. 

Importance of Balance Beam: 

Walking on something higher than the ground or pavement can help children develop balance and coordination. Balance beam and other challenging surfaces encourage children to strengthen their core muscles and learn how to balance their bodies in response to changes in level and direction. Balance beam training entails performing exercises that strengthen the muscles that help you stay upright, such as your legs and core. These exercises can help improve stability and prevent falls.

Fitness equipment benefits as: 

Injury prevention through fitness accessories Improving your balance has shown a lot of promise in terms of preventing injuries for a wide range of people.

  • Balance Extends Beyond Your Legs
  • Performance Enhancements 
  • Balance May Improve Your Intelligence

Improved coordination during balance training will translate into improved coordination in everyday life. 

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