About us



From selling pool tables only to one of the most trusted Afterpay store ( BUY NOW PAY LATER STORE ) in the country, our story is not less than an inspiring journey! Well, we had it all began as a pool table dealer, and that’s where “Sports” came into the tail in the brand HR-Sports. Starting the business to earn a few extra bucks on weekends, we didn’t expect to nail & scale it to a million-dollar brand with the support of Great Australian Community. We were the first one to deliver sturdy and versatile pool tables Australia-wide through Afterpay. By doing so and getting acclaimed for quality and service, we turned towards more connections to thrive as a brand and to lead our quality products and service to more customers. From a start-up in 2015 to all the way here - we’re currently leading as one of the most trusted Afterpay stores for best-selling items like Furniture, Pool Table, Appliances, Baby & Kids products, Mattress & Bedding, Outdoor & Camping and a whole lot more departments.


Throughout the journey, we’ve managed to tie up a good customer base, a unique Buy-Now-Pay-Later service as well as an active social media presence by which, we continuously stay in touch with shoppers.


Vision - HR-Sports Afterpay Store 


Being Australia’s one of the largest one-stop shops, we step ahead with a dedication to providing as much convenience as possible with quality products, fastest shipping and lowest freight charges. With the increasing value of Buy Now, Pay Later services, we tend to associate with more pay later options so that everyone can shop wholeheartedly without having a thought of payment. 


Sales apart, providing numerous product varieties and shipping exactly what Aussies prefer is indeed significant for an e-commerce venture, and our journey has already witnessed it by reaching here and continuously thriving. In future and at the moment, our perspective sits straight to provide better convenience in respect of prices, product quality, delivery service as well as the return policy.


Mission - HR-Sports Afterpay Store 


Statistics speak it all. With over thousands of regular shoppers annually, we aim to reach out to more customers Australia-wide every year.


Incorporating a little team of digital connoisseurs, our goal is to provide you with an optimum user-friendly shopping experience so that you can feel like you’re shopping in a departmental store. With over ten thousand products in stock at the moment, our range keeps increasing to gain the top spot as the largest one-stop-shop chosen by Aussies. 


As sales happening on every special occasion and actual prices provided, our mission is persistent in working night and day so that every shopper out there can be benefited with genuine products at affordable prices. 


Stay tuned, with the support and recommendations of you all; we’re going to launch a new venture in the US, Canada, New Zealand and selected areas of the UK very soon.