Support Arm for Bath Enclosure Stainless Steel 47.5 cm
51% OFF RRP $74.99
Folding Shower Enclosure 2 Panels ESG 120x140 cm
50% OFF RRP $480.99
Folding Shower Enclosure 3 Panels ESG 130x138 cm
50% OFF RRP $646.99
Support Arm for Bath Enclosure Stainless Steel 70-120 cm
49% OFF RRP $92.99
1700mm Sliding Door Safety Glass Shower Screen By Della Francesca
60% OFF RRP $1,098.99

Online Shower Base and Screen at HR Sports

As we are growing in this modern era, our lifestyle is changing along with it, including the items around us. Bathing is becoming so advanced with great comfortability. Similarly, the bathrooms today are not less than anything. The bathroom and of course several things need to be in the bathroom but not enough space for these? Then Shower Base and screen using Afterpay Furniture is the need for you. This Bathroom Glass Shower Screen is made of solid material according to your needs, and due to this, the screens don't get scratches and are always shiny and transparent.

Why Bathroom Furniture Set by HR?

Having a Glass Shower Screen is very important these days, and it also provides the following benefits:

  • Bathroom Furniture uses less space, and it also provides the room for taking baths separately with great style.
  • TWith its shiny, clean and polished look, the Shower Base and Screen will add a majestic look to your bathroom, which impresses everyone who sees it.
  • This Bathroom Furniture is very durable and provides a lasting solution to your bathing needs with shower bases, and you don't need to replace it every month or so.
  • The shower base and screen are waterproof, so no leaking tension to the consumer, and you can use it significantly without any disturbance.

Buy Shower Bases at HR Sports

Our quality and rates of shower base and screen are what the market is amazed about! We are providing our customers with quality that is beyond their expectations. Because we believe that customer satisfaction is an essential thing in the business and Bathroom Furniture that we are providing is strong and made of genuine material. Here at our company, you can shop easily with the easiest payment methods using afterpay furniture. You don't need to worry about the budget because giving the customer ease is our top priority so that you can shop with great confidence only at HR.