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Accessorize 150GSM Premium Wool Mattress Protector Super King
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Waterproof Super King Mattress Protectors from HR Sports

Buy online super king mattress protectors with afterpay. HR Sports offer waterproof and cotton mattress protector cover at a low price. We are hard to find a large size that is not readily available in the markets. You have to search a lot to get the exact size for your bed. We have a collection of super king mattress protectors in Australia. You do not have to visit the markets and order online. 

Types of Super King Protector

The super king mattress protectors can be available in various types. Covers your mattress without protecting it from stains. Mattresses usually get stained because of snacks, drinks, and dirt, so you have to keep them safe from external wear and tear.


You should buy waterproof super king mattress protectors. The waterproof super king mattress protectors are durable against stains. They do not let liquids get absorbed into the surface of the mattress because of being non-permeable. The fabric does not allow dust or water to get to the surface of the mattress, so it remains clean for a longer time. You can purchase fitted super king mattress protectors from HR sports. It will fit perfectly onto your bed without getting wrinkled and making bed sheets slip. In the fitted mattress protectors, there are elastic bands to give a perfect fit by stretching themselves to the size of the bed. They are also machine washable and can be folded into a small size, so they do not occupy ample space in your cupboards. 

Buy Mattresses Protector Cover With Afterpay

Easy to buy now king-size mattress protector cover with afterpay. HR Sports is the best online shopping store for an online mattresses in Australia. The Afterpay payment method makes it possible to have everything in your reach. There are also installment plans for customers to make sure they shop happily and conveniently.