Garden Arches

Buy online garden arch, trellis, arbour, or pergola at HR Sports. A garden arch is a decorative structure that can be used to add height and interest to your garden. It typically consists of an arched frame that is covered in vines, flowers, or other climbing plants. Garden arches can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and PVC.

Garden Arch 2 pcs Climbing Plants
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Garden Arch 200x52x204 cm
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Garden Arch 250 cm Dark Green
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Garden Arch Black 150x34x240 cm Iron
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Garden Arch Door
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Garden Arch Spike Design Climbing Plants Dark Green
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Garden Arch Tower 2 pcs
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Garden Arch with Bench Black 128x50x207 cm Iron
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Garden Arch with Gate Black 138x40x238 cm Iron
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Garden Arch with Planter Solid Acacia Wood 180x40x218 cm
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Garden Rose Arch with Bench
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Pergola Bamboo 170x170x220 cm
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Pergola Bamboo 385x40x205 cm
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Rose Arch Bamboo 118x40x187 cm
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Rose Arch garden arbor Steel Garden Decoration
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Garden Arch Dark Green 120x38x258 cm Iron
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Garden Pavilion Antique Brown 400x258x378 cm Iron
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Pergola Bamboo 385x40x205 cm
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Rose Arch Bamboo 145x40x187 cm
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Wooden & Metal Garden Arches Australia - HR Sports

If you are looking for a wooden and metal garden arch, you should come to HR Sports. We are a one-stop online store for garden arches that you may need. We ensure an experience of shopping like no other and take care of the needs of our customers. Our customers and their needs are very important to us. We have possibly everything available that you may need in your everyday life. HR Sports offers various styles of garden arbour and trellises at an affordable prices in Australia. Fast delivery in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, and Adelaide.

Different Types of Garden Arch 

The garden arches are made of different types of materials so that you can choose whatever goes with the interior of your garden. The types of materials used to make these passageways for you are wood, bamboo, wrought iron, steel, etc. 

Different sizes of Garden Arch, Trellis, Arbour, or Pergola

Garden arches are also made in different sizes to get the one that is according to the size of your garden. HR Sports has many sizes of the garden arch, trellis, arbour, or pergolas like small, medium, large, etc. You can easily get the size that will be appropriate for your garden.  

Different Styles of Garden Arches 

Different styles of garden arch are also available at HR sports for your garden. They are made in a garden arch door style that can be put at your garden entrance. To be eye-catching, the garden arch is also designed for plants to climb on them and has a bench and planter boxes on both sides where you can grow your plants. 

Shop High Quality Of Garden Trellises With Afterpay

Our garden trellises are always of the best quality. Every garden arch is made with the best material available on the market. They are made with a lot of focus to provide you with a high-quality product for your garden. Buy now with afterpay, Zippay and Paypal. We know that investing in big pieces like this one cannot be done every month that is why we ensure that the quality of our garden arches is the best in the market so that you can make a long-term investment in a product that will last for a long time and be of high quality.

Sturdy and Weather-Resistant - Durable Garden Arch

Our garden arch is strong and durable. We make sure that it is made to withstand all weather types as it will be standing in the garden and will have to face storms, winds, excessive sunlight, and dry weather. This is why it is made weather-resistant, sturdy, and tough. The maintenance of the garden arches is also very easy from online garden equipment stores in Australia.

Shipping and Warranty 

HR sports provide a shipping service that will drop your garden arches at your doorstep safely and without any damage to them. After the order's placement, it takes a day or two for the order to be dispatched from our warehouses. Our Afterpay Store offers a 12-month warranty generally for every product that is available in our store. There are a few electronic products that have a 3-month warranty as well. It is advised to check the warranty of the product before you check after making a selection.