GMX 125cc Hunter Farm Quad Bike
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Go Skitz 250W E-Quad

Go Skitz 250W E-Quad

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GKT110 110cc 2-Seats 4-Stroke Dune Buggy - Yellow

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GKT150 150cc 2-Seats 4-Stroke Dune Buggy - Blue

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GMX Drift 200cc Go Kart Electric Start - Black

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GMX Drift 200cc Go Kart Pull Start - Black

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GMX GKT110 110cc 2-Seats 4-Stroke Dune Buggy - Black

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GMX GKT150 150cc 2-Seats 4-Stroke Dune Buggy - Red

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GMX 60cc Chaser Quad Bike
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Buy Online Quad Bikes For Kids - GMX Mini Quad Bike - Hr Sports

HR Sports offers to shop online for quad bikes for kids at the cheapest price. You can easily buy with afterpay. We have a wide range of mini to large gmx quad bikes in Australia. The quad bike is often known as All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), four-wheeler, or quadricycle. The quad bike is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires with a seat along with handlebars for steering control. We have various types of quad bikes such as:

Quad bikes are considered much safer than the three-wheelers and they replaced the predominantly recreational until their practical use became noticeable.

Farmers use this quad bike for stock work or maintenance to carry heavier loads. This quad bike became more familiar for car drivers as it has side by side seat and car-like controls, with an accelerator and brake pedals and a steering wheel.

Faster than other bikes: Quad bikes are quick and easy to drive. For short journeys over all types of terrain, they may even be quicker than a car

Safety: Quad bikes are safer than other motorbikes. If you use the motorbike for short journeys, replace it with a road legal quad bike.

Cost-effective: Quad bike parts are easy to fit and often cheaper than can or motorbike parts.

Environment-friendly: If you need to go off-road, driving is quite easy with this quad bike. Farmers make use of this transport to get around the land as it is better for the environment.

Choosing the right vehicle: It is essential that a beginner chooses a quad that will be manageable for their size and feels comfortable to control.

350 kg – lighter quads for younger riders

400 kg – quad bike for general use

550 kg – good carriers

Tires: Selecting the right tire is important for getting control and cornering. As tires can affect braking sensitivity, it is also essential for safety.

Universal tires are most versatile and can deal with moderate terrain. Off-road tires are needed for experienced riders and for the most extreme terrain

Engine size: The engine size matters more in the comfortable handling of your new bike. Bikes that are 450 cc and 500 cc are more powerful and have much better handling on terrain that requires control rather than acceleration.

Two or four-wheeler drive: Two-wheeler junior quad bike allows you to make the drive on flatter locations and road driving as they are lighter and easier to handle.

Four wheeler quads are suitable for hilly terrain and towing as they are much heavier and harder to control than two-wheel drive.

Best brand: It is pretty hard for beginners to master any of the major brands. Manual clutching, power steering, rear suspension, liquid cooled engines, and buying a lower-end model quad with so many attractive features might be the best option for you.

Design: Quad bikes are well-built and reputable bike comes in all engine sizes.

Price: There are various brands of Quad Bike for sale available in the market. Option the best quad bike that matches your budget.

Warranty: Prefer the quad bike that possesses a long time warranty with it

HR sports are a unique online store in Australia to offer ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option. Go through our online portal and pick the Quad bike afterpay from multiple options. Our shopping site provides special offers and weekly deals which give chance to save big on your purchase.

What is a quad bike?

A quad bike is also known as an all-terrain vehicle or ATV. It is a kind of motorbike with four large wheels. Usually used for recreation or farm work.

Is it safe to ride a quad bike?

Quad bikes are a serious safety hazard - many quad bike accidents result in death. Children under the age of 16 must not ride or be a passenger on a quad bike. 

What type of engine is used in a quad bike?

There are mainly two types of engines for ATVs: 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Both run on unleaded gasoline, like the gasoline in your weed whacker, but the 2-stroke requires mixing the gas with 2-stroke specialty oil.