Baumr-AG 12 Tonne Petrol Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter - HPS400
17% OFF RRP $1,398.99
4-way Slip On Hydraulic Log Splitter Wood Wedge 7t - 8t
50% OFF RRP $124.99
Ducar Petrol Log Splitter Wood Cutter - 20Ton
40% OFF RRP $2,324.95
Yukon 15 Ton Unleaded Petrol Log Splitter
50% OFF RRP $2,514.99
Yukon 20 ton Petrol Log Splitter
50% OFF RRP $3,017.99
Yukon 240V Electric Log Splitter Wood Cutter - 8Ton
40% OFF RRP $1,037.99
Yukon 8 Ton 2.2kW Heavy-Duty Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter
50% OFF RRP $1,390.99
Yukon Diesel Log Splitter Wood Cutter 60Ton
40% OFF RRP $4,879.95
Yukon Electric 12 Ton Log Splitter
50% OFF RRP $2,389.99
Yukon Electric 12 Ton Log Splitter Wood Cutter
40% OFF RRP $1,916.95
Yukon Petrol Log Splitter 60Ton
40% OFF RRP $4,235.95
Yukon Petrol Log Splitter Wood Cutter - 18Ton
40% OFF RRP $2,030.95
Yukon Petrol Log Splitter Wood Cutter 15 Ton
40% OFF RRP $1,928.95
Baumr-AG 10 Tonne Electric Hydraulic Wood Log Splitter - HPS3800E
25% OFF RRP $1,414.95

Best Log Splitters Australia - HR Sports 

We have a wide selection of log splitters designed to make your wood-splitting tasks easier and more efficient. Whether you are a homeowner looking to prepare firewood for the winter or a professional in need of heavy-duty log-splitting gardening equipment, we have the perfect solution for you. HR sports provide a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional manual wood splitting methods such as using an axe or maul. With the help of hydraulics or other mechanical mechanisms, log splitters significantly reduce the physical exertion and time required for wood splitting.

Our electric log splitters are perfect for residential use and lighter wood-splitting tasks. They are compact, portable, and quieter compared to gas-powered alternatives. Electric log splitters require a power source and can be operated using a standard electrical outlet. Our hydraulic log splitters are available in both electric and gas-powered models, offering versatility and reliability.  

Can log splitters be used for camping and outdoor activities?

Yes, there are portable and lightweight log splitters designed specifically for camping and outdoor use. These log splitters are usually manual or electric-powered for convenience.

What is the difference between electric and gas log splitters?

Electric log splitters are quieter, more compact, and suitable for lighter wood-splitting tasks. Gas log splitters are more powerful and ideal for heavy-duty wood splitting requirements.

Can log splitters handle different types of wood?

Yes, log splitters can handle various types of wood, including hardwood and softwood. However, the size and density of the wood may affect the splitting efficiency.

How often should I maintain my log splitter?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your log splitter in good working condition. Perform routine inspections and lubrication as recommended by the manufacturer. Additionally, follow the maintenance schedule outlined in the user manual.

Are log splitters safe to use?

Log splitters can be safe to use when proper safety precautions are followed. Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions, wear appropriate safety gear, and operate the log splitter in a safe and controlled environment.

Log Splitters For Sale

Log splitters are efficient tools that can simplify the process of wood splitting for various purposes. Whether you're camping or need firewood for heating, choosing the right log splitter based on your needs and preferences is crucial. HR Sports offers high-quality electric log splitters at an affordable price in Australia. Buy now with Afterpay, Zippay, and PayPal.