Kids Pretend Toys

Discover a world of creativity and fun with our Kids Pretend Toys! Explore a diverse range of imaginative playsets, from kitchen and doctor kits to dress-up costumes and more. Our toys are designed for safety, quality, and educational value. Encourage your child's imagination today and make their playtime unforgettable. Buy now for endless adventures!

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18 Piece Kids Kitchen Play Set - White
33% OFF RRP $173.99
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27pc Cookware Set - Pastel for kids
19% OFF RRP $88.99
Combo Wooden Stove and Sink
25% OFF RRP $553.95
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Doll Cottage with Furniture for kids (Model 1)
19% OFF RRP $382.95
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Doll Cottage with Furniture for kids (Model 3)
25% OFF RRP $647.95
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Everyday Heroes Play Set for kids
19% OFF RRP $566.95
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Kids Beach Sand and Water Sandpit Outdoor Table Childrens Bath Toys
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Kids Kitchen Set Pretend Play Wooden Toys Cooking Cookware Childrens Toy
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Kids Kitchen Set Pretend Play Wooden Toys Cooking Cookware Childrens Toy
On Sale 41% OFF RRP $283.95
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Kids Pretend Play Set Workbench Tools 54pcs Builder Work Childrens Toys
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Kids Supermarket Pretend Role Play Shop Grocery 52 Accessories Toy Set
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Kids Wooden Kitchen Play Set - White & Pink
38% OFF RRP $303.95
Natural Wooden Sink
25% OFF RRP $415.95
Natural Wooden Stove
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Pirate's Cove Play Set for kids
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Schleich Large Playset Horse Club Vet Fitness Check for the Big Tournament 72140
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Tasty Treats Play Food Set for kids (115 pcs)
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Tree and swing play set
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Vehicle Play Set
6% OFF RRP $99.99
Weather Play Set
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Unlocking Creativity and Imagination with Kids' Pretend Toys

Pretend toys, also known as imaginative or role-playing toys, are objects, props, or playsets designed to encourage children to engage in make-believe scenarios. These toys come in various forms, from costumes and dolls to play kitchens and toolsets. What sets pretend toys apart is their ability to ignite a child's imagination and provide them with the tools to act out different roles and situations. Our collection of Kids' Pretend Toys is designed to inspire creativity, encourage social interaction, and provide hours of endless fun for your little ones.

Pretend toys are the best toys and our great sets including kid's kitchens, supermarkets, carnivals, and dressing tables hold special features that will provide kids with hours of fun and entertainment. We have kids pretend toys in a great range of products in bright colors and with distinct patterns from which you can choose an amusing choice for your kids. 

Types of Pretend Toys Available At Our Online Store

HR Sports offers a wide range of kid's pretend toys at an affordable price in Australia. Pretend play is where the magic of childhood truly comes to life. Shop online at baby and kids stores with Afterpay, Zippay, and PayPal. 

Kids Vanity Dressing Table Stool Set

Costume sets that allow children to take on different roles, from pirates and superheroes to doctors and astronauts. These costumes encourage imaginative play and help children explore various identities. We have a huge collection of kid's vanity makup chairs for your kids at the best price in Australia. Shop now with Afterpay. The gorgeous set includes an elegant dressing table with a faux makeup mirror to reflect her awesome beauty. The large functional drawer also provides plenty of storage space for all her favourite accessories and more.

Kids Kitchen Set

Miniature kitchens equipped with cookware, utensils, and play food. These sets inspire culinary creativity and teach basic cooking skills while encouraging social play. Our wooden kitchen set comes with all modern kitchenware and appliances, such as a realistic rangehood with lights and fan, microwave, handy pegs, storage space, tap and removable sink, stove top and play pots, oven with working knobs and door, and cooking utensils for a real-like cooking experience. 


Miniature houses with tiny furniture and doll figures. Dollhouses encourage storytelling, role-playing, and home-life exploration. Our adorable and interactive Doll Cottage stands over two feet tall, with three levels and five rooms of fun just waiting to be discovered. The dollhouse has functional window shutters, two molded staircases, and thoughtfully detailed artwork on every panel.

Toolsets and Workbenches:

Pretend tools and workbenches help children explore the world of construction and repair, fostering problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Our Kids Tools Play Set promises hours of fun for the little craftsperson in your child. The colourful workbench is built at just the right size for any three-year-old and above to have a great time roleplaying with their friends and parents to build whatever they can imagine. The play set includes an electric drill, bench vice, crosscut saw, adjustable spanner, screwdriver, hammer, and various other accessories totaling 54 pieces.

Doctor and Vet Kits: 

Medical playsets that include pretend medical instruments, help children become familiar with healthcare concepts and spark an interest in science and caring professions. 

Let your child learn as they play, the fun way, with our interactive medical cart.

Are pretend toys suitable for all ages?

Pretend toys come in various age-appropriate options, so there's something for children of all ages.

Do these toys help with educational development?

Yes, many pretend toys have educational benefits, such as improving math and language skills.

What safety precautions should I take when buying pretend toys?

Always check for non-toxic materials and age-appropriate features to ensure safety.

Can pretend play replace screen time?

While it's essential to balance playtime with other activities, pretend play can be a valuable alternative to excessive screen time.

How can I encourage my child to engage in pretend play?

Join in the fun! Play with your child and set an example of imaginative play to inspire them.