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Floor Lounge Sofa Bed Couch Recliner Chair Folding Chair Cushion Grey
On Sale 56% OFF RRP $99.95
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Lounge Sofa Bed With Armrest Heated Floor Recliner Futon Couch Folding Chair Cushion
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Folding Floor Longue Grey Fabric
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Lounge Chair Cushion Grey 180x55x3 cm
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Adjustable Beach Sun Pool Lounger - Blue
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Foldable Ground Chair 2 pcs Blue Steel and Fabric
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Floor Chair and Sofas from HR Sports

Tired of hanging your legs down while sitting on a sofa, but you get no other comfortable seat than a sofa? Now you can get the comfort of a sofa and the ground simultaneously as the floor sofas. We have a variety of floor sofas in the Afterpay furniture collection of HR Sports, where the comfort and styles of floor sofas are waiting for you. Here are some of the features of floor sofas that will make you want them for your home.

Maximum comfort

The floor sofas provide the maximum comfort to the person because of the high-density foam and inflated sofas that keep the person safe and comfortable from the hard floors. The floor sofas can be converted into a bed. They have armrests and headrests that work as pillows when the sofas are changed into a bed.


The floor chairs are easily foldable, and the inflated ones can be deflated. The lightweight and soft materials of the chairs make them easily portable. You can buy them for your kids or yourself and have a versatile use. You can get a comfortable bed and a relaxing sofa in one. The foldable feature of this furniture makes it easy to use indoors and outdoors. You can take it outside on the patio or lawn when the weather's fine. 


Want to buy comfortable Afterpay furniture for your home while keeping in mind its design for the furnishing of your home? The floor sofas at HR sports are available in innovative designs and various colors you can purchase according to your preference. We have the style along with comfort, so order a floor sofa for your home now.