Declutter & Organize your Bathroom: For a cleaner, organised and refreshing bathing experience, ever

At times, it becomes so difficult to access the things we use everyday in the overcrowded jumble. It gets simpler and quick getting ready in a well-organised bathroom. A great start of the day.


Step 1: Take some time to thoroughly study your bathing space and identify all the things that are cluttering the space unnecessarily. Remove all the unnecessary things, creams, washes and shampoos that are sitting there idly.


Step 2: Study the space well and select a cabinet that can tidily house all the items you will need daily and cannot live without. You can either select a medicine cabinet with a mirror to use dually or go for a storage caddy that will give you a lot of room to keep the basics and the extras neatly.


Step 3: If you need more room for your laundry and prefer something more sturdy over a laundry bag, opt for a laundry storage box  or a linen basket to preserve the fluff of your well-cleaned linens.


Step 4: Dispose everything that hasn’t been used for over 12 months, is empty or nearly empty or past the expiration date. Once done, sort out the remaining things and place in a organised way, category wise with the ones being used the most at the front. The medicine cabinets and the tall cupboards  will help miraculously with this.


Step 5: Next, place all the fresh linens in the linen basket and keep one clean set on the towel rail  for easy access. Finish the organisation haul by labelling the cabinet compartments if needed and make a note to clean it often to keep everything nicely in its place.


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