Best remote control Electric cars for kids

Remote control/ Electric cars are fun and beneficial for developing the motor and cognitive skills of
your kid. From the younger age, children start learning to drive to more advanced drivers.
There are many remote control cars are available according to the different age groups. Whether you are buying a remote control car for a toddler or small kids it is important to consider great features in durability, safety and comfort of usage.
Once you have decided to final a vehicle you will also need to consider whether it is n-road or more versatile off-road variety. Some remote control cars for have a waterproof chassis to ensure the safety as well as durability. Selecting a right car for small kids will give them a safe and beginner platform to their abilities.

You must keep in the mind the battery life of a car. Many times a short-lived battery makes parents shy away from buying certain remote control cars. Sometimes parents buy a remote control car but don’t buy batteries many times, so they prevent the kids from operating the remote control at times. In that case, the rechargeable batteries would be a great option that will save money as well time in long run.

Top 5 best remote control cars for kids

1. Bugatti Inspired Kids Ride on Car
If you are looking for a stunning gift for your toddler Buggati is perfect. This two control modes vehicle can drive around pedal with the accelerator and steering wheel or you can control it with the remote control.

Your kids can move this car n almost all surfaces. As the car is equipped with anti-slip andnlong treaded tyres. You will get the keys to start the engine with realistic sound effects. Your kid will enjoy the features like working horn, flashlights and audio cable to plug in an MP3 player.

2. Kids Ride on BMW 18-Blue and White
The car is designed to keep in mind enjoyment as the priority. BMW 18-Blue has sound and light control. The pedal accelerator makes sure that little one will enjoy the most while riding it.

The fancy features of the car include dual speed button, MP3 player connection and built-in songs to give an excellent experience. The twin motor of it allows a drive speed of 2-8 km/h makes sure that your kid experiences the speed in a safe manner. Feel free to use the parental control when you think your kid is driving too fast.

3. Kid’s IROBOT AUDI White

The car is designed with gorgeous butterfly doors that makes entering and exiting cooler than regular ride on car. AUDI is made with the sharp lacquer finish and realistic design, doors with lock, driver seat with adjustable safety belt and suspensions to ensure the safety of your kid.

With IROBOT you can always take over and join the fun with your kids as parental remote control is available with it. You need to just plug in your favorite playlist and start the ride. You can easily assemble the car and ready to go you have some fun.

4. KID’S Ride on Range Rover Coupe – Pink
It is a perfect kid’s ride on a car which is absolutely spotted in design and finish. It has marvelous attention to details and working components that make it favorite for the kids aged 3 and above.

This car can ride from 0 to 8km/h without any break. It depends on the weight of your kid how long it takes to get that speed depend on your child’s weight. Once your kid move inside the car is wonderful as it starts by opening the workable door that actually locks. The car has vivid control for start, forward, reverse, speed, lights, horn and MP3.

5. KIDS Ride on PORSCHE MACAN – Black
Porsche Mecan is an upgraded 5W twin motor with longer battery life 12V battery. The car promises up to two hours of riding, flashing lights and music.

The car is featured with black paintwork, workable lights, large seat belts, sleek dashboard with realistic push start button, Chrome plated wheels, MP3 connectivity, anti-slip tyres and rear wheel suspension. The remote-controlled cars mentioned above are the best of all the RC vehicle toys in the market for the children of different ages. You need to shortlist the best remote control cars for kids according to their age and interest.

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