5 steps to creating an Exercise routine that will last!

We all know that we should eat healthy and exercise regularly to stay fit, we all know the research backing it up and the endless articles written on fitness. Out of all this, how much do we actually follow? And if we do, how long does it last. Alas! It starts off like a heavy downpour and ends too soon like a faint breeze. So, what are the things we can do to actually create an exercise routine that you can follow regularly and will not be washed off any time soon?


1. Do not overcommit and find the right balance

                     When we look at the gorgeous supermodel or the oh so fit sportsman, the only thing we want to do is to be like them, instantly. As good as it sounds, we have to get real, we cannot expect to be turned into our best self overnight. It takes, time, patience, and endurance. So plan right from the start itself. Do not plan to exercise long hours each day and to only drink green smoothies when you know that it is not possible. Decide a goal that is attainable and realistic and build a routine around it that blends in nicely in your daily schedule, that way your new exercise routine fits in well in your daily schedule and does not get compromised due to other work. Find the right balance.


    2. Create a setup that works for you.

               Finding the right gym or creating the right fitness infrastructure is important to attain your fitness goals. If you are too busy to travel to the gym daily or would like to train by yourself, get some equipments that you'd like to use. You can also get professional advice to find the right fit for your weight and fitness goals. Once you know what you need you can order them online Fitness Equipment. There is a range of items to select from and you can get great exercise equipments online. Learn how to use your equipments the right way and get into a practice of using them regularly as per your exercise routine.


      3. Eat healthy

                It is not necessary to starve to see the results of your exercise routine, but it is important to follow a healthy diet plan. Eating healthy will fuel you to better lift those dumbbells  and prevent you from binge eating on loads of fats that could ruin all your hard work.


      4. Get up each time you fall. Be persistent!

                 When you are not habituated to exercise daily, it may happen that you skip a day or two, either because of some unplanned work or maybe because you just didn't feel like this. It happens! Do not let a small fall ruin your bigger picture. If you have skipped a routine, do not beat yourself for it, instead take it constructively and pick up where you left and then keep reminding yourself of staying consistent.


  5. Reward yourself along the journey

          Do not fret if you don't see the results as soon as you expected. Be patient and set tiny attainable goals and reward yourself positively every time you attain a goal. Enjoy the journey towards being your best self ever!

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