Double Electric Blankets - HR Sports

Electric Blankets provide the ultimate comfort when in bed. They can make your bed warmer or colder, depending on how you want it and depending on the weather. Just turn on the switch before going to bed and let the double electric blanket do the rest. There are several temperatures encoded into the veil between a range of 20 – 40 degrees Celsius. Some include timers, so the blanket turns off automatically, which helps sleep with the warmer.

Why buy double electric blankets from HR Sports?

HR Sports provides a wide variety of electric throw blankets in our catalog. We have a range of materials available so you can find the best fit for yourself for the best prices on the market. Our products are of high quality and can even be cleaned using the washing machine when the need arises despite being an electric blanket. The best materials on the market for keeping heat inside for an extended period are polyester and fleece, which are precise. HR Sports offer for you doubles electric blankets. These materials enable your blanket to stay warm even after the double electric blanket is turned off. You can choose to stick the controller onto the blanket or take it/ Our products come with detachable controllers for you to use with ease.

Using our website also enables you to test our products before paying using the payment service Afterpay. We are giving our customers the chance to get their product and use it. If they are satisfied with the product and decide to keep it, then the payment takes place, but if they want to return it, they can easily do so without any costs.