Aeroponic Propagation Mister - X-Stream for Hydroponic Grow Systems

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20 Plant Aeroponic Propagation Mister | Nutriculture X-Stream

  • 46 x 40 x 22cm - 8 Litres

The Nutriculture X-Stream 20 Plant Aeroponic Propagation Mister is a cutting cultivation system that allows cuttings to be ready for transplant in as little as 10 days. Cuttings are placed in the clone collars and hang down into the misting chamber where they are constantly misted. The constant mist prevents the cuttings from drying out and rotting. It also prevents rotting because the cuttings are not sitting in damp soil. This system is ideal for transplanting to DWC, NFT and aeroponic grow systems but it is also suitable for other types of grow systems including soil and coco.

Hints and Tips for Successful Growing:

  • Keep the pump running continuously.
  • Once roots begin to appear, add nutrients at a quarter of the recommended dosage by the manufacturer.
  • Gradually open vents and remove the lid completely a couple of days before transplanting to harden off the plants.
  • Rooting gels and powders can be used to enhance root growth. Dip cuttings in the solution to absorb active ingredients quickly.
  • For soil or coco: Pot on into 3-4 inch pots and grow for a few days before transplanting.
  • For hydro systems: Transplant directly into the system when roots are 3-4 inches long.
  • For rockwool: Punch a hole in the bottom of a 3-4 inch cube, sandwich the cutting between two halves of a Grodan SBS cube and transplant immediately with roots trailing through the hole."
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