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This is a comprehensive tool kit for locking camshaft when checking / adjusting camshaft timing, replacing inlet camshaft or timing chain on BWM M40/42/43/44/50/52/54/56.

Made in highest-quality, this engine timing tool kit is designed for long life in daily workshop use and categorized into industrial grade.

All tools are sorted it in in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation.

Product Code : VX-210195
SKU : HR22-VX-38427
  • Includes important tools for example:
  • Installation and removal of the camshaft
  • Timing belt change at M40 engines
  • Check and adjustment of camshaft timing
  • 11 pcs supplied in blow molded case:
  • Includes a crankshaft locking to use as OEM 112300
  • To use a cam lock, such as OEM 113190
  • To use a cam lock , such as OEM 113240
  • A timing chain tensioning tool to use as OEM 114220
  • A chain sproket rotator to use as OEM 115490
  • A compressed air connection to use as OEM 113450
  • A chain tensioner stake out set to use as OEM 113290 , consisting of stake out clamp to use as OEM 113291 and locking pin to use as OEM 113292
  • A double - Vanos fixation to use as OEM 116 150
  • For engine codes:
  • M40, M43
  • M42, M44, M50, M52, M 54, M56
  • (engines with double camshafts)
  • Suitable for following models:
  • BMW 3, 5, 7, X3, X5, Z3, Z4
  • Type Series E30-31-32-34-36-38-42-46-53-60-61-65-66-83-85, details as follows:
    E36 316i Year 1993-1999 E46 316i Year 1999-2004 Year 1994-2001 316i Compact, M43
    E36 318i Year 1993-1999 M43
    E46 318i Year 1998-2004 M43
    E30 318iS 16V, Year 1989 to 1991 M42
    E36 318iS Coupe Year 1992-1998 Year 1994-1998 318ti Compact, M42, 318iS Coupe Year 1996-1999 Year 1996-2001 318ti Compact, M44, 320i Bj 1991 to 1997, 320i Year 1991-1999, single vanos M52
    E36 and E46 320i Year 1998-2006 , Twin Vanos 323i Compact Year 1995-2001 Single Vanos
    E46 323i Year 1998-2001 Twin Vanos M52
    E36 325i Year 1991-1997, 1991-1997 325i Year , Single Vanos
    E46 325i Compact Year 2000-2006 Twin Vanos
    E38 328i Year 1995-1999 Single Vanos
    E46 328i Year 1998-2001 Twin Vanos 330i Year 2000-2006 Twin Vanos
    E34 518i Year 1994-1996, M43, 520i Year 1989-1996
    E43 520i Year 1989-1996, Single Vanos
    E39 520i Year 1995-1999 Single Vanos 520i Year 1998-2003 Twin Vanos
    E60/E61 520i Year 2003-2005 Twin Vanos
    E39 523i Year 1995-1999 Single Vanos 523i Year 1998-2001 Twin Vanos
    E34 525i Year 1989-1996, 1989-1996 525i Year , Single Vanos
    E39 525i Year 2000-2003 Twin Vanos
    E60/E61 525i Year 2003-2005 Twin Vanos
    E39 528i Year 1996-2000 Single Vanos 528i Year 1998-2001 Twin Vanos M52 , 530i Year 2000-2003 Twin Vanos
    E60/61 530i Year 2003-2005 Twin Vanos
    E38 728i Year 1995-1998 , Single Vanos 728i Year 1998-2002 Twin Vanos
    E65/E66 730i Year 2002-2005 Twin Vanos
    E83 X3 2.5 l Year 2003-2006 Twin Vanos, X3 3.0 l Year 2003-2006 Twin Vanos
    E53 X5 3.0 l Year 1999-2005 Twin Vanos M54
    Z3 1.8i Year 1996-1999 Year 1999-2003 1.9i, M43 and M44, 2.0i Year 1999-2003 Twin Vanos M52, 2.2i Year 2000-2003 Twin Vanos M52, 2.8i year 1997 -1999, Single vanos 2.8i Year 2000-2003 Twin vanos 3.0i Year 2000-2003 Twin vanos M54
    E85 Z4 2.2 l Year 2003-2006 Twin Vanos, 2.5 l Year 2003-2006 Twin Vanos, 3.0 l Year 2003-2006 Twin Vanos
  • Dimension: 46 x 38 x 10,5 cm
  • Highest quality design for long life in daily workshop use

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