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The summer season is all about heat and irritation for everyone. The kids are mostly affected by it as they could not endure the heat and scorching rays of the sun. They could not even play outside because the high temperature restricts their mobility, and their physical activities are reduced to zero. But you can bring a spark to their lives with the inflatable water slide from HR sports that make a fun activity for the little ones where they can splash water, play, and stay refreshed in the cool water. 


A wide range of inflatable slides is available at our store to keep the heat at bay and bring pleasure to your kids. Summers will be fun for your kids, and they could invite their friends to enjoy them because there are slides for more than one kid with inflatable water slide With the inflatable water slide, you can turn your boring backyard into a recreational water park. 


Setting up the inflatable slides is easy. All you have to do is fill air into the slide with a pump's help and connect your garden hose for water supply. The surface of the slides is smooth, made of vinyl, and is easy to slide. The slide is safe for children as there are no sharp edges or rough surfaces that might cause injuries to the kids. You can also get inflatable water slides with small water jets that the children can ride on. The ground stakes keep the slide in place without slipping away. These inflatable slides are only suitable for kids as they are tested to hold kids' weight. 

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